Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Friday Food Fest is here!

Welcome to Team EEAT! We do a twice monthly Friday Food Fest and this Friday is it! Come party with us in Etsy Chat rooms at 8pm EST. We have special sales, giveaways, and prizes available!

Hope to see you there!

Some more info:

What are "Secrets"? Team members will hide the word "Secret" in their shop listings. Once you find the secret, you get the deal that the shop owner has offered! It's like a scavenger hunt! Please, 1 secret per person per night!

Sales will be posted as received:

Double Dipped Sweets
6 FREE chocolate dipped oreos with every purchase
2 secrets: find one and win a $5 gift credit good in my shop!

Just Bakin'
3 FREE macaroons with each order
2 secrets for a $5.00 credit each

Sweet Treat Maryann
6 FREE toffee pretzels with any purchase
2 secrets for $5 gift credit for my store

Cakes by Sugarplums
Find the SECRET and get a $5.00 gift credit for any item in the shop.

$5 gift certificate for finding the "secret"
$5 gift certificate for game answer
bogo (same flavor) anything in my store for those in fff (including team members!!!)

3 FREE Cookie Dough Truffles with each purchase
1 secret: $5 gift credit good in my store


Free bag of Maggies Peanut Brindle with any purchase
1 secret good for $5 gift credit to anything in my shop

3 FREE Chocolate Covered Pretzels with any purchase
1 secret: $5 credit for my shop

Bogo of the equal or lesser value for 30% off
2 secrets: get a $5 gift credit good in my store!

Divine Canine
buy one get one free on all bakers dozen listings
1 secret, free Divine Canine Super sampler

Au Naturale Bake Shoppe
Choice of 3 free vegan HoBos or 3 free Gluten Free Chocolate Peanut Butter Muffcakes with any purchase OR with the finding of one of 3 SECRETS in my product descriptions!

3 secrets! Get a $5 gift credit good in my store!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Recipe Series part 6 - Chicken and Broccoli Braid

This is one of my personal favorites, and would make it a lot more often if I could.

This recipe and the original picture can also be found here: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Chicken-and-Broccoli-Braid/Detail.aspx (giving credit where credit is due!)

* 2 cups diced, cooked chicken meat
* 1 cup fresh broccoli, chopped
* 1/2 cup red bell pepper, chopped
* 1 clove crushed garlic
* 1 cup shredded Cheddar cheese
* 1/2 cup mayonnaise
* 2 teaspoons dried dill weed
* 1/4 teaspoon salt
* 2 tablespoons slivered almonds
* 1/4 cup diced onion
* 2 (8 ounce) packages refrigerated crescent rolls
* 1 egg white, beaten


1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees F).
2. In a large bowl, toss together chicken, broccoli, red bell pepper, garlic, Cheddar cheese, mayonnaise, dill weed, salt, almonds and onion.
3. Unroll crescent roll dough, and arrange flat on a medium baking sheet. Pinch together perforations to form a single sheet of dough. Using a knife or scissors, cut 1 inch wide strips in towards the center, starting on the long sides. There should be a solid strip about 3 inches wide down the center, with the cut strips forming a fringe down each side. Spread the chicken mixture along the center strip. Fold the side strips over chicken mixture, alternating strips from each side. Pinch or twist to seal.
4. Brush braided dough with the egg white. Bake in the preheated oven 25 to 28 minutes, or until golden brown.

My hubby, who hates all things with mayo and food combinations, really liked this!

Good Eating!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Team EEAT hopes that you had a wonderful Holiday season!

We want to thank all of those who have supported our shops this past year! Thank you!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"Bare it all Wednesday" featuring Caramel Jubilee

Caramel Jubilee, formally known as Earcmra, started on Etsy in December of 2007. She specializes in... Caramels of course! From personal experience I know that they are wonderful!

We asked Caramel Jubilee some questions about her art and her life. Here is a little about her!
Is there a special story as to how you chose making your caramels rather than something else? Which is your favorite flavor?

Last spring I was looking for something I could make as a Fathers' Day gift for my dad. He loves licorice and I found an old recipe for licorice caramels so I decided to give it a try. To my surprise, they turned out fabulously well! After that I tried vanilla which didn't go so well. After some trial and error and lots of different recipes, I came up with my own caramel recipes that I now use. So, I just kind of stumbled upon caramel making. Although I like to cook/bake and do so frequently, I had never made candy prior to that day.

My favorite flavor changes weekly. I honestly love all of them! Right now, the chocolate is at the top of my list.

Is it incredibly messy when making caramels? And, is it incredibly difficult to resist sampling your own cooking?

Caramel-making actually isn't as messy as you might think. I have a good dishwasher that I am immensely grateful for and that keeps the pans and utensils sparkling clean and non-sticky. The rest of it (pots, countertops, etc.) really isn't too bad to clean off. It actually surprised me how non-messy it is to make caramels.

In the beginning it was so very difficult for me to resist eating all of my caramels! One day I ate over a pound of them! Now that I'm around them all the time they aren't much of a temptation (Christine of TheFetchingHound and I were just talking this over a few days ago). I eat one or two a week. My family and friends are a different story though! If I have leftovers in the house when they come over they are happy to devour them!

What is your favorite past-time?
My favorite past-time? Hmmmm, I can't choose just one! I love playing games like Mad Gab, Settlers of Catan, and Speed Scrabble. I also enjoy reading. I read everything I can find! I like to spend time (hiking, driving, snowshoeing) in the beautiful mountains that surround my home. I love to cook and try new recipes.

Do you have pets? Any favorite music or TV to listen to/watch while making your caramels?

I have a geriatric Australian Shepherd who is the absolute best dog I've ever met. He is perfect--really! I also have a 5 month old kitten who is a terror and a joy, often simultaneously. For future reference: sometimes the quietest most demure kitten at the humane society is actually just severely sleep deprived. I also have a 40 gallon freshwater planted aquarium with Rainbow Fish.

My favorite musical artists are M. Ward, Regina Spektor, Feist, Badly Drawn Boy, and Zooey Deschanel. I also love classical musicians such as Yo Yo Ma and Itzak Perhlman. I enjoy pretty much all types of music and love attending concerts of any variety.

When working on caramel orders I like to watch Scrubs, Pushing Daisies, The Office, and various news programs.

Get some divine caramels in Caramel Jubilee's Etsy shop today!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Recipe Series Part 5 - Thai food!

Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce
and Coconut Jasmine Rice

from: The Cook's Encyclopedia of Thai Cooking
This is one of my favorite Thai recipes. It is very easy to make and tastes better than most Thai Resturants!

Serves Four
Ingredients:4 skinless, boneless chicken breast portions (or how many you need for your family)

For the Marinade:

2 Garlic cloves, crushed (I use fresh minced)
1 inch piece of Fresh root ginger, finely grated. (You can get marinated ginger in a jar in thai section of the grocery store. It's red)
2tsp Thai Fish Sauce (add it, it's yummy!)
2TB light soy sauce1 TB clear honey

For the Satay Sauce
6 TB crunchy Peanut Butter
1 fresh red chili, seeded and finely chopped
juice of 1 lime
4 TB coconut milk

Slice chicken into strips, or chunks. Put all the marinade ingredients in a large bowl, and mix well, then add the chicken and toss together until thouroughly coated. Cover and leave for at least 30 minutes in the refrigerator to marinate. (The longer you marinate, the better)

Meanwhile, soak 16 wooden satay (or kabob) sticks in water, to prevent them from burning during cooking.

Make the Satay Sauce.
Put all the ingredients in a food processor or blender. Process until smooth, then check the seasoning and add more salt or lime juice (or peanut butter) if needed. Spoon the sauce into a bowl, cover with plastic wrap, and set aside. (This sauce is pretty thick, but I like it better than any others I've tried!)

Preheat the grill or broiler to high. Drain the satay sticks. Drain the Chicken. Thread chicken on sticks. Grill or broil, for 3 minutes on each side, or until the chicken is golden brown and cooked through. Serve immediately with the satay sauce!

This is SUPER YUMMY with Coconut Jasmine rice, or plain Jasmine Rice.

Coconut Jasmine Rice

Serves 4-6
1 cup water
2 cups coconut milk
1/2 tsp salt
2 TB sugar
2 2/3 cups jasmine rice (this is usually sold in grocery stores. super yummy rice)

1. Place the measure water, coconut milk, salt, and sugar in a heavy pan.

2. Rinse the rice in several changes of cold water until it runs through. (This gets the extra starch off- I use a colander)

3. Add the Jasmine Rice to the liquid, cover tightly with a lid and brint to boil. Reduce heat to low and simmer gently, without lifting the lid unnecessarilky, for 15-20 minutes, until the rice is tender and cooked through.

4. Turn off the heat and leave the rice to rest in the pain, still covered with the lid, for a further 5-10 minutes.

5. Gently fluff up the rice grains with a fork before serving.

Cook's tip from the book:For a special occasion serve in a halved p apaya and garnish with thin shreds of fresh coconut. Use a vegetable peeler to pare the coconut finely, as you would when making curls of Parmesan cheese.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bare it all Wednesday Featuring Marmalady!

Today Team EEAT would like to feature our member and friend, Marmalady. She is our "token" international member and is so wonderful! Visit Marmalady in her Etsy store!

Tell us about you:
In case you dont already know, I am from the UK -- the Peak District of Derbyshire which is about halfway up the country as you look at a map.I am 56, married for 31 years, with 2 grown-up children. Neither are married yet so no grandchildren on the horizon for quite a while!

How long have you been baking?
Baking / cooking. I have been cooking "forever". Growing up in a family of 4 kids, money was always short --so Mum always made all our own bread, cakes , jam etc -- and we were all expected to help -- the boys as well as the girls By the time i was 10 or 11 i could cook a sunday dinner for the family with very little help or supervision.Selling my baking came about when i was at home with a toddler & baby. A friend was involved with a co-operative market stall selling cakes and so i joined too. At first i only made small quantities but as the kids grew and i had more time, the amounts i was able to make for sale grew too. I continued selling through this market untill a couple of years ago when it folded and i branched out into having my own stall at various Farmers Markets -- i am out at a Market most weeks. For several years now I have also been supplying a local shop with cakes & marmalades every few weeks. So my Etsy shop is just a continuation of what i am doing most days anyway and it is easy to fit in baking my Etsy orders along with my market / shop baking.

What do you do in your spare time?
In my spare time -- what little there is - i enjoy various crafts -- and I originally joined Etsy to sell crafts ! As the baking took over my original shop and swamped the crafts i eventually opened a second shop ( http://www.marmaladytoo.etsy.com/ ). I particularly enjoy crochet tho i have never got on with knitting! and i also do some glass-painting and card-making.When I am not creating things for sale I enjoy taking part in general knowledge quizzes & chatting with friends on Paltalk.com (my nic there also is Marmlady) and alternate saturday nights will find my husband & i entering the quiz at our local pub. I also enjoy reading --particularly historical novels but i will read almost anything!

Tell us a little about food in your region
British food does tend to have a bad reputation when compared with our continental neighbours of france & italy but when made properly it can be every bit as delightfull! Apart from our traditional Sunday roast dinner, we specialise in good hearty casseroles & pies and puddings --lots of carbohydrates to fuel a working man! But as everywhere, people are eating more and more processed food & ready meals and so the art of cooking properly is fading. In these more health conscious times the old-fashioned cooked pudding served with custard is rarely found! (Let's shed a tear for the loss of that old favourite Spotted Dick!)I dont have a particular favourite meal to cook, but when we go out for a meal we alternate between our local Italian & Chinese Restaurants

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christams Giveaway Winners!

We have picked our 2 winners for the Christmas Giveaway! They have won a $10 gift certificate to participating Team EEAT shops!

The winners are.....

Opheliamcphee and BlueViolet!

The winners have been notified and have 24 hours to claim their prize.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Friday Food Fest is here!

Come join us in Etsy Chat rooms at 8pm EST!

What is FFF? Fun, PRIZES, and lots of drool-worthy pictures being shown (Edibles AND non-edibles!!)

So, come join us for some FUN!


Etsy's Edible Arts Team members offering FFF SALES and SECRETS!

Secrets: Find the word "fff" in a shops item description and you get the special offer that the seller has offered!

10% off before shipping1 secret for 50% off before shipping

Purchases of $30 or more will receive a discount on shipping, will be a flat rate of $12.95
I will have 2 Secrets in my shop, the winner will receive a $5 gift credit

10% off before shipping!
2 secrets, find and receive a $5 gift credit

20% off for everyone and 40% off to my 100th customer (All Week)
3 secrects 5 dollar gift credit

10% off before shipping
2 secrets for $5.00 off codes

10% off before shipping
2 secrets,$2.00 off before shipping

10% off before shipping on orders over $50.00
3 secrets: $5.00 off before shipping

15% off before shipping

10% off purchase of $20 or more
1 secret...$5 credit toward a purchase

Au Naturale Bake Shoppe
Since I am in a new location and awaiting sales, my specials will be as follows:Discounts are good FRIDAY, December 5th only!!!
My FIRST customer will receive 50% off one item and a coupon for free shipping for December 2008!
My SECOND customer will receive 40% off one item and a coupon for free shipping for December 2008!
My THIRD customer will receive 30% off one item and a coupon for free shipping for December 2008!
My FOURTH customer will receive 20% off one item and a coupon for free shipping for December 2008!
My FIFTH customer will receive 10% off one item and a coupon for free shipping for December 2008!
My SIXTH customer will receive free shipping on their entire order and a coupon for free shipping for December 2008!There will be 2 secrets hidden in my shop! The finders will receive free shipping on any order placed in December 2008!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

To eat...or not to eat??

Since we are an Edible Team, we thought it would be fun to feature wonderful Etsy artists that make FAKE Edibles!

Our first feature is with Bugbitesplayfood!

I've chatted with her many times, and love the look and style of her play food!

I asked Rebecca to tell us a little about herself. Here is her reply!

I am an artist & a creator who can't stand idle hands. You will usually find me sketching, sculpting, sewing and dreaming away. I started sewing play food in effort to rid my children's toy box of mass-produced junk toys. While pregnant with my second baby, I decided to take matters into my own hands (literally) and create toys that are handmade, fun & safe - toys which foster the imagination, as well as teach good eating habits through play. I design my toys with the image in mind of little faces alight with the creative sparks that come with imaginative play.

Wouldn't these make great CHRISTMAS gifts for the little ones in your life?
Order now at http://bugbitesplayfood.etsy.com

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Featuring SweetTreatMaryann!

Today, we would like to feature Maryann, from SweetTreatMaryann!

How did you get started with your goodies? When did you start on Etsy, and how did you find about it?

I can't remember how I found out about Etsy but I was a buyer on Etsy long before I opened my shop in April 2008. Three years ago I sent my husband in to work with my peanut butter cups, everyone raved about them and I took local orders for my treats around the holidays. Helped save my sanity considering I had been a stay at home Mom for over eight years at the time. It has evolved into something that I absolutely love to do. Food is love.

Who are your 3 favorite etsy shops? There's so many good ones out there and I love hearing about them!

This one was really hard because there are so many great shops on Etsy but I narrowed it down to these three (for this week LOL):

carrymeaway~she made a fabulous tote for my mother in law and she shares my goal in getting rid of all those nasty plastic bags

PaulZozem~if you are looking for sterling silver jewelry he's your man, I've got a beautiful wedding band on my finger that he custom made for me

sweetpicklespottery~LOVE her pottery, 'nuff said

Whats your favorite treat that you make and why?

my favorite treat is the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles, these things are truly addictive and have added a couple of inches to my waistline since I started making them Why do I like making them~cause I can eat any left overs ;O)

Maryann has an amazing etsy shop! I am excitedly awaiting Snickerdoodle truffles! Check out her etsy shop today! http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5277546
Maryann's blog: http://mymamamultitasks.blogspot.com/

Monday, December 1, 2008


Who wouldn't want free goodies for the holidays! Now, just in time for Christmas, Team EEAT is giving away 2 $10 gift certificates!

The giveaway starts November 17th, and runs to December 5th! The winner will be notified, and will have 5 days to pick their prize! Your goodies will arrive just in time for Christmas!

How to Play!

Each of the following team members has hidden a picture of a CANDY CANE (above) in their shop, item descriptions! Go searching, find the links to 3 hidden Candy Canes in 3 different shops, and email them to teameeat@gmail.com. The winner will be picked on DECEMBER 5TH!

Other ways to enter:
* Blog about our contest, including a link back to our site.
* Sign up for our Mailing list!

That's it! Good luck on your hunt!

Participating team shops:

Have it Confections

Vermont Maple

A Thyme To Bee Comforted

Double Dipped Sweets

Sweet Treat Maryann


Just Bakin'

Delectable Delights


Friday, November 28, 2008

Get Ready...Get Set...GO!

Black Friday has started! Already, stores are hopping with sales! Are you shopping yet? Hurry on by any Team EEAT shop for amazing sales! List of sales is below!

Come join us tonight at 8pm EST in Etsy Forums for amazing sales and giveaways!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Black Friday is coming soon!

Do your Christmas Shopping with Etsy's Edible Arts Team this year!

On November 28th, otherwise known as Black Friday, Team EEAT is having a massive sale in participating shops! Come join us in Etsy Forums to see our sales, chat, and win free products!! The fun starts at 8pm EST!

Here are some of the sales being offered!

Double Dipped Sweets
My sales starts at 12:01am Friday Morning! Get shopping early!

A Thyme To Bee Comforted

Just Bakin'
Sale starts at 8am Friday morning!

Delectable Delights

Cakes by SugarPlums

A Sugar Affair

The above shops are all offering:
40% off to the first 10 shoppers, 20% off to all other shoppers!!!!

Caramel Jubilee

Check my Sale section for items reduced 10-50%!

Sweet Treat Maryann
25% off on Black Friday!

Crafty Gourmet Love
$5.00 off all orders over $50.00* & $10.00 off all orders over $80.00.*
*Before shipping costs.

Ciao Hound
30% off in the "Sale" section; 20% off everything else!

FREE 6pack of Double dipped candy canes with every $10 purchase!

WOW! What great deals! Come shop with Team EEAT on Black Friday! No lines, no crowds! And all the homemade goodness you can handle!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Autumnal Flavors for Your Thanksgiving Feast

One of my favorite things about the shops on the Etsy Edible Arts Team is the variety of flavors we offer. There's a little bit of everything to suit any palate!

Here are some fabulous picks that would blend delightfully with a cup of coffee after your Thanksgiving dinner guests have left.

Nutter Marshmallows by sweettreatmaryann.etsy.com

Fruity Chocolate Bark from DoubleDippedSweets.etsy.com

Pomegranate Caramels from CaramelJubilee.etsy.com

Organic Chocolate Pound Cake from vanillabeanbakedgoods.etsy.com

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Featuring Athyme2bcomforted

Getting To Know Team EEAT!
This Week We Are Visiting With Edibles Artist is Angelica from athyme2bcomforted.
Angelica's shop is so different from the rest of the teams; featuring homemade Enchiladas, hummus, salsa's, and Bruschetta! She has told us that her most popular items right now are her enchiladas(see picture below) and tamales (pork tamales pictures above).

She also offers wonderful desert items like her newest item Sopapillas pictured below! If you have never had one, you really do not know what your are missing! "These little deep fried doughy morsels will have your mouth watering. They can be covered in powdered sugar, cinnamon and sugar or honey."

We asked Angelica some questions, and here are her replies!

If you have 24 hrs to yourself what's on the agenda?

I would check into the Camelback Inn here in town, get a massage, then venture out to the pool to soak up some rays where litte umbrella drinks are delivered to me, oh and then snuggle up in that BIG fluffy hotel bed with some room service and watch a movie!!

If you could move anywhere where would it be and why? Whats your favorite thing to make? How did you learn how to make it?

If I could move any where it would be some where tropical, with white sandy beaches, and gentel rolling waves. I love the ocean, it brings me peace!! My favorite thing to make would be my enchilada's, the receipie was from my grandma. When I make them I feel closer to her now that she is gone. It also reminds me of helping my mom in the kitchen, it was one of my dad's fave meals!! So we had them at least once a week, and that is how I learned how to make them.

Angelica is an amazing person and an amazing cook! Check out her Etsy Shop today!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Recipe Series Part 4 - Meat Sauce!

This week's recipe is brought to us by Sweet Treats by Maryann!

This is going to be hard because I don't really use recipes, just by sight and smell and texture and of course taste, but here goes; this one came about one night when I was trying to use up some left overs before they went bad. I used fresh peppers from our garden and fresh basil too. My whole family loved it so I thought it passed the test....

Everything But the Kitchen Sink Meat Sauce
(use over your favorite pasta or also great for stuffing peppers)

1/2 lb extra lean ground beef
1/2 lb lean ground pork
26 oz jar of your favorite tomato sauce
14 oz can of Italian Style diced tomatoes(juice included)
2 TB Italian seasoning
1 TB garlic powder
1 TB olive oil
1 small onion, diced
1 large green pepper,diced
1 small red pepper,diced
1 small zucchini, diced
1 small package of sliced mushrooms
3-4 fresh basil leaves, julianned
salt and pepper to taste

Start by adding olive oil to skillet on medium high heat, add onion,peppers,zucchini and mushrooms. Salt and pepper to taste. Saute until onions turn clear.

Meanwhile in another skillet brown your meats, season with Italian seasoning and garlic, drain well and set aside.

Add can of diced tomatoes to veggie mixture, simmer for ten minutes and then add in the jar of tomato sauce, cover and simmer for another ten minutes. Combine veggies and meat mixture, mix together well and top your favorite pasta. Enjoy!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Friday Food Fest!

It's the 1st Friday of the month, which means...FRIDAY FOOD FEST!

We will have a chat room on Etsy.com open! Come check out the great sales and giveaways!

Search "team eeat" on etsy to see all of our yummy goodies!

Team members are having sales in their shops, here are just a few:

Delectable Delights
15% off before shipping!

Double Dipped Sweets
6 FREE dipped Oreos with every purchase! Now taking pre-orders for the Holidays!

15% off before shipping!


Half Off shipping with purchases of $30 or more!

Crafty Gourmet Love
BOGO- buy one dozen get another dozen of the same for half off, use code FFF BOGO in notes for special to apply.


BOGO FREE! Buy one item, get another item for free! Contact seller before purchasing

Stay tuned for more sales!
Search for "Team eeat" in etsy to see incredible edibles!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Featuring Delectable Delights!

This week we are featuring Ryll from Delectable Delights!

What is your favorite item in your Etsy Shop?
My favorite...couldn't live without item in my shop is.......................hmmmmmm.........white chocolate raspberry cheesecake. People fight over that cake when I make it.

What are your long term goals? What inspires you most?
My long term goals are to continue to build my business and be in a location within two years and finish school. God and my kids inspire me.

How long have you been bakin....and your favorite thing to make?
I have been baking since I could walk and talk. My mother always let me sit in the kitchen with her and help and when I got old enough she let me go in and try whatever I wanted. She's always been my number one fan =). I love making cinnamon rolls. I make cake all the time so when I do make a cinnamon roll there something extra tasty about them lol.

Check out DD's shop for more great treats!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hot Drinks for the Cold Days to Come

These last few weeks it has been quite cold in the mornings where I live. Although I normally start my day with a nice cup of tea, I felt the need for something warmer and more filling so I have been drinking coffee and cocoa mixes that I have created. I actually had to unlist one of my Mocha Latte drink mixes because it was so yummy I couldn't stop drinking it! There is just something so delightful about hot cocoa when you are cold. Not to mention the smile on your face from drinking such delicious goodness.

Imagine if you will, a warm, plush pair of slippers and a nice cup of Mocha Latte. Are you smiling yet? I know I am! I created my own crocheted slipper pattern to make an awsome slipper, then coupled the slippers with some mini mixes of cocoa or mocha to give you the perfect gift to get or give. I also offer the slippers by themselves. There are so many ways to give the perfect gift this comming season....You could add some cookies or some other delicious treats from the creative minds of the Edible Arts Team members to make the best gift ever. I know I would be delighted if someone gave me this as a gift! Or tea...I would like slippers and tea as a gift too! And cookies...please dont forget the cookies! A good cookie and a cup of tea or cocoa with warm slippers on my feet...I am really smiling now :) So stop by www.TranquiliTea.etsy.com and see what I can offer you, and dont forget to check out all the wonderful sellers of delightful, delicious treats from the Edible Arts Team...just search team eeat and see what you get!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Recipe Series Part 3 - Tomato Soup

Tomato Soup
by JustBakin'

1 stick of butter
2 medium onions chopped
2 cloves of garlic chopped
3 cups chicken stock
1 28 oz. can of whole peeled tomatoes
salt & pepper

Melt butter in heavy soup pot. Add onions and garlic and cook until soft. Add stock and whole can of tomatoes and their juices. Bring to a boil and let simmer as long as you can. Add salt & pepper to taste.
In batches puree the life out of it in a blender. (Remember to take the tiny cup out of the blender lid and cover with a towel and your hand-so the heat doesn't make it explode!)
You can add some cream if you'd like but it is not necessary.
Serve with cheese, croutons, sour cream, chives.....whatever you like!

This soup is about $5 to make and yeilds quite a bit...enough for a family of 4 for sure!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

October Challenge

We started doing monthly challenges as a team, to get our imaginations going, and create new projects! Here are some entries from last month. The theme was "Election"!

From Crafty Gourmet Love

From JustBakin'

And from Double Dipped Sweets

Friday, October 31, 2008

Featuring.... JustBakin'!

Sweet Cherry Bomb Bliss Bites

This week on Team EEAT's private website, we featured Bonnie from JustBakin'.

Bonnie lives in NJ, where she has been her entire life! She "specializes in classic recipes and making them SUPREME" Here are some of her amazing creations!

Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip Delights

Apple Cinnamon - Stellar Scones

Stop by her blog: http://27static27.blogspot.com/ to read more about this amazing lady!

Stop by her Etsy Store to get yourself some of these yummy treats! You won't be sorry!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Recipe Series, Part 2

This weeks recipe comes from TheFetchingHound

Pizza Dough!

3 cups flour (I sometimes do half wheat half white)
1 cup warm water
1 heaping tablespoon yeast or 1 packet if pre-measured
2 tablespoon oil

I use my stand mixer and begin with the paddle and mix everything together. Then I switch to the dough hook and let it go a good 5 to 10 minutes.

Sometimes I add Italian seasoning right into the dough.

Spray 2 pizza pans or oil and cover dough right on them. 15 min to rise. Spread dough and cook in a 500 oven for ten minutes and then reduce heat to 350 and cook 10 minutes more

quick and easy!

Editors note: The alfredo sauce recipe from Part 1 works really well as a pizza sauce! Make it a little thicker, and top with chicken, garlic, parmesean, onion...yum!)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Recipe Series, Part 1

What do you expect from a food team? Food, right? Right! So, Team EEAT is proud to present our Recipe Series! We will be posting personal recipes about once weekly, that you can try at home!

The first recipe is brought to you by Double Dipped Sweets!

Chicken Alfredo

Cooked Pasta
Cooked Chicken, shredded or bite sized

1 block Cream Cheese
1 CUBE of Butter (can use less)
1/2 to 3/4 cup Milk (I use 3/4 for a thinner sauce. Use less for a pizza sauce)
3/4 cup Parmesan cheese
1 TB Basil
1 Teas Garlic
Pepper to taste


Combine all ingredients, except Nutmeg, and heat until melted, stirring frequently.

Toss over Pasta and Chicken

Sprinkle Nutmeg over the entire dish! This is the “secret” ingredient that gives it a punch! Trust me, this is amazing!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Holiday's with Team EEAT!

Why spend hours in a hot kitchen? Why not let Team EEAT do your cooking and baking for you? Here is some of our wonderful holiday selections! Search "team eeat" on Etsy for more selection!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Friday Food Fest once again!

It's the 3rd Friday of the month, which means...FRIDAY FOOD FEST!

We will have a chat room on Etsy.com open! Come check out the great sales and giveaways!

Search "team eeat" on etsy to see all of our yummy goodies!

Team members are having sales in their shops, here are just a few:

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BOGO- Buy one at regular price, get the second item (equal or lesser value) for 1/2 off! Before shipping

Vegan BOGO - Buy one vegan cookie Dozen and get another dozen of the same cookie 1/2 off!
Halloween sale! 10% off all Halloween Cookies

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


When we had our first FFF I had the pleasure of ordering from this talented young lady....I got my favorite snack, hummus. I usually make it myself but after trying hers, mine is a far cry from being that delicious. What made it so good wasn't just the flavors though. It had this amazingly smooth texture to it also.....so much so that my BF (who loathes hummus) even delighted in it's tastiness. So of course I had to try more. Oh God more. So I ordered the Green Chilie Tomatillo Sauce. I'm still in awe. First of all there was so much sauce that I had enough to make two batches of enchiladas (the family loved me that week) but these enchiladas were so good.....so awesomely great, that my soon to be mother in law (who hates spicy food) not only came back for seconds, but holy tomatillo I caught the woman licking her plate, and if that's not a compliment lol, I don't know what is!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Been Dabbling In the Kitchen Again

People laugh when I tell them that I come up with ideas when I am in the shower, true story.

My mind goes 24 hours a day; so much so that I should be a walking advertisement for Ambien LOL

Truth be told there has been many a day when I have put off the necessary laundry washing just to play in the kitchen.

I have so many ideas going through my head that when they hit I literally stop everything that I am doing,go to my journal and write it down; I have been known to pull over while driving to find a scrap piece of paper to write down my latest creation.

Then comes the fun part. I block off my kitchen,clean and sanitize it and start experimenting like a mad scientist:O) Not everything I've thought of works out.....but that's the best part. My kitchen is my playground. It is my favorite place to be and I love the fact that I am passing down my love for cooking and food down to my children. Each of them have their own favorite thing to cook and my oldest son even wants to go to culinary school....makes a mama proud!

This morning I whipped up something else and I hope you'll come by to check it out.

These are my peanut butter truffles. We couldn't agree if they should be peanut butter/peanut butter truffles or peanut butter/chocolate truffles, so I made both.

My personal favorite combination is the PB/PB....you can decide for yourself.
Sweet Treats by Maryann

Double Dipped Sweets

Well I have be partaking in my teams delicious items again.....hmmm I wonder if they are going to chip in for the weight loss plan I am going to have to get on...or maybe for my gym membership......

Well it has been a BUSY month for "partaking"..... my first indulgence was Double Dipped Sweets Sea Salted Caramel Apple.

This apple was delicious, it was the perfect balance of sweet, salty and tart. Her apples are HUGE...I think she may have some magic dust that she sprinkles on them to enlarge them...I know I have not seen apples that big here in AZ!! The apple was big enough for me to share (not willingly) with both of my kids. When you bite into the slice of apple you get the immediate crunch from the fresh crisp apple, then you taste the sweet Carmel and then your taste buds are assaulted by the salty goodness of the sea salt. The Carmel is also a perfect consistency, not to sticky....it won't glue your teeth together like some other apples!!

Well I also got some little presents in that package from DDS (as I call her in chat) she sent me a sample of her Ginger bread popcorn.

All I can say is that popcorn puts the kettle corn that you get at the fair to shame!! It was scrumptious!!! Crunchy and sweet and like taking a big bite of a gingerbread man!!

The other little gift I got was her Coconut Haystack Bark, omg it was soooooooooooooo good!! Just the right balance between chocolaty goodness and coconut. Your tongue is coated by the delicious chocolate and then there is a slight chewy crunch from the coconut.

Let's just say I had to fight off the kids from each one of my "gifts". Hmmm I think I should of locked myself in the bedroom, I will have to do that next time I buy from DDS!!

Give your family a treat from DDS you won't be disappointed!! I also suggest the following apples also......heheheh I told you it was a busy month of "partaking"!!!

Apple Pie Caramel Apple and Fall Delight Caramel Apple

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Member Spotlight: HaveitConfections

Team EEAT is proud to welcome HaveItConfections to our team!

She is having a sale : Now you can try one of our other delicious flavors, free. When you buy any one pound package of our delicious caramels and we'll send you an additional quarter pound.

and a giveaway: Check out my blog where we feature other sweet sellers and Have It Confections news~ We are currently having a caramel giveaway!

Check out her shop!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Time for Friday Food Fest!

It's the 3rd Friday of the month, which means...FRIDAY FOOD FEST!

We will have a chat room open, and a thread in Etsy Forums. Come check out the great sales and giveaways!

Search "team eeat" on etsy to see all of our yummy goodies!

October Bake Sale giveaway active until Saturday at Midnight! Purchase from any participating shop, and your name will be entered to win a $10 gift card! See post below for more details!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October Bake Sale!

It is time once again for our Virtual Bake Sale! It will be held on October 1st at 8pm EASTERN time in Etsy labs. http://www.etsy.com/virtual_labs.php

Games, Giveaways, and Gifts!
Games will be played sporadically throughout the night to win prizes!

Post a comment here and be entered to win a $10 gift card good in any participating EEAT shop! Search "team eeat" on Etsy to sample our goods! Every item ordered from October 1 to Sat., October 4 will get you another entry!

Team Members will be having amazing sales! Check back often to see our list of sales!

20% off all Halloween related goodies and 15% off all other goodies

Buy one get one Half Off!
Purchase $25 or more, and receive a $10 gift card to be used in either of my shops!

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20% off your purchase, before shipping!

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20% off your purchase, before shipping!

FREE sampler pack with every order from Oct. 1-4th! This includes some of my best sellers: a toffee peanut butter cup, S'mores marshmallow, and a chocolate covered Pretzel!

Receive a FREE baby cake with every Cupcake Sampler purchase!Place your holiday pre-order, and receive 15% off and a free handmade holiday tag.

50% off shipping on all samplers and holiday baskets15% off all other items excluding gift certificiates!

20% off, before shipping, except for the Sugarplum Berrilicious Cake which is only $19.95 for the sale!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Critter Marshmallows

These are SO cute. My kids couldn't wait to get their hands on them.
Sweet Treats by Maryann

Friday, September 26, 2008

DelectableDelights : Yummmy Member of Team Eeat

Good Morning all!!!

I have started to partake in all of the yummy treats from my team members in Team Eeat!! My first order was with Delectable Delights or DD as I like to call her in chat!! I ordered the:

Chocolate Covered Cherry Sundae Cupcake (TM)

Boston Cream Sundae Cupcake (TM

Let me say, if you have not ordered from DD, you are missing out on the moistest cup cakes you have ever had!!! They were more than yummy!! When they arrived, I had to fight my son off as he was hovering, waiting for me to open the package. Once he found out that they were cup cakes and that they had chocolate on them..............well I couldn't get rid of him!!! I was forced to share........which I was not happy about.......I knew I should of locked myself in the bathroom!!!

My favorite was the Cherry one, it had big chunks of maraschino cherries in it, and the rich chocolate topping was to die for!! So I say to you all ORDER FROM DD, she has some GREAT stuff.....I know I will be getting more..........hmmmm now I just have to figure out how to hide them.........

My next order.....that I am not very patiently waiting for is from Double Dipped Sweets...........I purchased some of her delicious looking salted Carmel apples!! I can't wait for them to get here..........hopefully they will arrive before the kids get home from school!!

My last suggestion is come and check out Team Eeat on October 1st, 8pm Est as we are having a Virtual Bake Sale in the Etsy labs!!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Welcome VanillaBeanBakeShop!

Team EEAT would like to welcome VanillaBeanBakeShop to our team! Here are some of her ORGANIC goodies!

Stay tuned for more new member features!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hedgerow Harvest

What better way of spending a sunny autumn afternoon, than taking a walk down an English country lane? Childhood memories of picking blackberries always come flooding back -- along with the scratches and nettle stings! The recent fine weather meant I was able to take a bucket or two on a walk down the lanes. The blackberry crop is a bit scarce this year -- but the hedgerows abound with lots of other berries so I picked quite a variety -- blackberries, elderberries, rosehips, hawthorn berries and rowanberries. With the addition of some apples & sugar they have made some delicious Hedgerow Jelly.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Edible Arts...The "En Vogue" Fashion Statement!

Cakes By SugarPlums

I wanted to take a moment to say "Thank You" to all of you who have visited any of our Edible Artists on Etsy and introduce myself and my little bakery!

My journey began about 33 years ago actually...with the birth of my first son. WHAT???!!! Yes....from almost birth....his "sweet tooth" was evident and thus the goal of "conquering" the creative dessert cooking was begun!

Consequently....that "journey" became my "passion" in life! Originally from the west coast, (San Diego...Go Aztecs!) I landed in the Cincinnati Ohio area about 10 years ago and realized how much people in the MidWest center their lives around food and fun! The simple things in life.

Today I am constantly amazed at the demand and desire for not only "good" edibles...BUT..."creative" ones! When any of us pick up a current issue of Gourmet Magazine...or even turn on the television...we find the "Food Fashion" industry displaying the "En Vogue" way to entertain....
With "Attractive and Tantalizing" entrees and desserts!!

Since many of us still yearn for the years gone by...our childhood memories of mom or grandma in the kitchen baking our favorite pies, cakes and cookies....and...since today's life style is so intense...I made the decision to follow my passion and study the culinary art world of "Creative Desserts".
About 5 years ago I began making some of these desserts for my family's enjoyment and my "ever appreciative" neighbors and friends were constantly asking if I could do the same for them. After much encouragement....I took the "Leap of Faith" into the "Sweet Life" and 2 years ago became licensed as a Cottage Bakery in the basement of my home. When searching for the right name, one of my daughter in laws suggested I look up "SugarPlums" to which I complied immediately. To my amazement...they weren't just the "treats from the holiday fairy" (LOL)..they became popular in England in the 1600-1700's and were actually a fruit covered with a sweet bread or candy and given as gifts to new neighbors and royalty (depending on which book you are reading).
Anyway....the name....CAKES By SugarPlums was it!

I started my e-commerce business @ http://www.cakesbysugarplums.com....and/ have had the pleasure of receiving orders from all over the world. At Cakes we have 12 delicious varieties of pound cakes...baking each fresh to order...then sealing and custom packaging in our Signature Gold and Purple gift box to be shipped anywhere in the U.S. I am so excited to be able to offer those "busy moms and corporate personnel" a gourmet "handmade" gift option for special occassions and holidays!

About a year ago...I found ETSY.com through a friend's recommendation and have made wonderful friends and enjoy chatting and networking with other Edible Artists there too! There are many talented people in this world....just take a look inside the Etsy World and see!

The onset of the "CupCake Rage" has moved my small little cottage business to a new brick and mortar location here in the Cincinnati area and in just a few short weeks myself, along with 2 of my daughters will be opening SugarPlums Cupcakery & CoffeeHouse. There you can experience some of "life's simple pleasures" in a gourmet way. Over 50 cupcake varieties...some filled with lucious creamy or fruity fillings...topped with rich and fluffy Buttercreams, Ganache, and more! OH....and don't forget the "Hook Shots"....just a little "Shot" of icing in the flavor of your choosing and the "Shot" hooks right onto your cupcake parfait! (What we won't think of next!) A good cup of coffee or cappuccino...a sweet treat....a fruit drink....a cookie that "crumbles" of course! ....or a "Spot of English Tea"....
SUGARPLUMS ....Visit us soon!

I look forward to hearing about your "Sweet" experiences in the "World of Food Fashion" and would love to hear your likes, even dislikes....and visions of SugarPlums!!!
Thanks for sharing the "Sweet Life" it should be everyone's way of life!

Shop Etsy for all your Holiday Gift needs...made with love by hand!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Friday Food Fest Time!

It's the 3rd Friday of the month, which means...FRIDAY FOOD FEST!

We will have a chat room open, and a thread in Etsy Forums. Come check out the great sales and giveaways!

Sales will be posted here as usual. ***This blog does not seem to be working. Sales are disappearing!**

FREE shipping on order of $25 or more!

Buy one item, get 1/2 pound of our Bark for FREE! Your choice of flavor- Bark Flavors

20% off each item!
Secret FFF item - Find it and get 50% off that item!

20% off any item!
Secret FFF item - Find it and that item is FREE, just pay shipping!


Search for Team EEAT on etsy to see our great sellers!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Asian Wontons


This is a blog about my Asian wontons that I had posted inside my team site, but I wanted to share it with all of you wonderful foodies on the net! Hope you enjoy it.....I Know I enjoyed the Wontons!!

Yesterday was another yummy day in the kitchen for me! I made my "famous" Asian Wontons.....ok well they are famous with my family and friends!! I am starting to make everything on my full menu and taking pictures of it!! Needless to say my family will be VERY happy!!

Wontons are a tedious process, the filling is simple just mixing up the ingridients, but stuffing each one is time consuming!! Even more tedious is keeping everyone away so that I can finish them!!!

So I am at the kitchen table, stuffing stuffing, and what do you know Jared comes home from work............he starts hovering.............."what r u doing", he asks............like he doesn't see the wonton wrappers and the filling, and each little packet that I have stuff..............I reply "nothing"......he gives me the look and then walks away. So I continue to stuff and finish them all. I go and turn on the deep fryer (I bought a nifty one, has a basket like the commercial ones and is VERY easy to clean) and move the wontons from the kitchen to the counter by the fryer. In walks in my oldest son Justin, "what are you doing mom" he asks, I relpy "nothing". "Are those Wontons" he asks as his mouth begins to salivate and he gets that evil glimmer in his eye. I say "no", he replies "Can I have one?" I reply "they aren't even cooked yet, you are going to have to wait". He then gives me that impatient pre-teen stare "can I have one when they are done?" I reply "Not until I take pictures of them and I have to wait for them to cool some after they are fried so that I can arrange them". "But we are going swimming....." which is code for why the hell can't I have one now, I really want to go swiming but I want to eat some of those first. I reply, "you are going to have to wait until I am done." He gives me the look that his dad gave me and walks away. I arrange the Wontons and start to take photos. In walks Jared, and he starts to hover again....."no you can't have one right now" I say. Once again I get the look, so finally they all go next door to grandma's to swim.

Let's just say that mom isn't dumb, I eat the amount of wontons that I want because I know that they are going to be ravaged when they get back from swiming and if I wait I will only get the measly little crumbs! So I pick up one of those golden little packs and sink my teeth in, first comes the slight crunch from the fried wonton wrap, then comes the explosion of flavor from the juicy sausage, then you are hit with the spicyness from the serranos and red pepper flake and that little bit of salt from they soy sauce and the freshness and zing from the ginger.......and I am in heaven.....we won't go into how many I actually ate.....hey I am the cook, it's called quality control!!!

So a little time goes by and the hoard comes back from swimming, Justin goes straight to the counter and looks directly into my eyes with the evil gilimmer of one who can not wait one second longer............"can I have one now?' he asks with a very expectant look. I nod my head and he proceeds to cram a whole wonton in his mouth....now mind you this little packets of yumminess stay pretty hot in the inside! It doesn't even phase him. Then walks in Jared and my other son Tristen (he is 5 and only likes the outstide of the wontons). Jared goes straight to the counter next to Justin and starts to eat the wontons, Justin then proceeds to start grabbing as many as he can. So I yell "you need to leave some for your dad"...... he gives me the look again as if to say are you freaking kidding me, you made me wait all this time and I can't have as many as I want........now mind you he can't relpy to me because his mouth is full!! As soon as he swallows he says "but I only had one." I finally have the chance and I give him the look, and say"you have had more than one." Now if you have noticed no one has had the thought hmmm, maybe mom might want some, I mean hey she is the one that spent over an hour stuffing each and everyone........

Finally Justin goes to grab another and Jared says "no you need to save some for your mom." Well Tristen has been off in lala land and finally figuers out hey people are eating stuff and I haven't gotten any so he runs to the counter and tells his dad that he wants one. Now dad gives him the look, but hands over one and says "the rest are for your mom." So I look over at the plate, there are a whole 2 left (hmmm lets see I spent the hour stuffing and I am only entitled to two apparently). I say "oh, well I only want one." So I proceed to grab it and then Tristen throughs a hissy fit. He has only eatin the outside of his and wants another one. I tell him that he needs to eat the whole thing and he says "mamma don't eat that other one, I am tellling you", so Jared gives him the outside of one of the two that are left. I then pick up the final remaining wonton and Tristen says "don't eat it, it's mine." I said "you still haven eaten the one that your dad just gave you", and I pop it into my mouth....well world war three broke out then!!

Yeah I know you guys think I should of given it to him, after all I had some and no one even knew about it......like I said quality control.......random testing!!