Friday, November 28, 2008

Get Ready...Get Set...GO!

Black Friday has started! Already, stores are hopping with sales! Are you shopping yet? Hurry on by any Team EEAT shop for amazing sales! List of sales is below!

Come join us tonight at 8pm EST in Etsy Forums for amazing sales and giveaways!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Black Friday is coming soon!

Do your Christmas Shopping with Etsy's Edible Arts Team this year!

On November 28th, otherwise known as Black Friday, Team EEAT is having a massive sale in participating shops! Come join us in Etsy Forums to see our sales, chat, and win free products!! The fun starts at 8pm EST!

Here are some of the sales being offered!

Double Dipped Sweets
My sales starts at 12:01am Friday Morning! Get shopping early!

A Thyme To Bee Comforted

Just Bakin'
Sale starts at 8am Friday morning!

Delectable Delights

Cakes by SugarPlums

A Sugar Affair

The above shops are all offering:
40% off to the first 10 shoppers, 20% off to all other shoppers!!!!

Caramel Jubilee

Check my Sale section for items reduced 10-50%!

Sweet Treat Maryann
25% off on Black Friday!

Crafty Gourmet Love
$5.00 off all orders over $50.00* & $10.00 off all orders over $80.00.*
*Before shipping costs.

Ciao Hound
30% off in the "Sale" section; 20% off everything else!

FREE 6pack of Double dipped candy canes with every $10 purchase!

WOW! What great deals! Come shop with Team EEAT on Black Friday! No lines, no crowds! And all the homemade goodness you can handle!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Autumnal Flavors for Your Thanksgiving Feast

One of my favorite things about the shops on the Etsy Edible Arts Team is the variety of flavors we offer. There's a little bit of everything to suit any palate!

Here are some fabulous picks that would blend delightfully with a cup of coffee after your Thanksgiving dinner guests have left.

Nutter Marshmallows by

Fruity Chocolate Bark from

Pomegranate Caramels from

Organic Chocolate Pound Cake from

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Featuring Athyme2bcomforted

Getting To Know Team EEAT!
This Week We Are Visiting With Edibles Artist is Angelica from athyme2bcomforted.
Angelica's shop is so different from the rest of the teams; featuring homemade Enchiladas, hummus, salsa's, and Bruschetta! She has told us that her most popular items right now are her enchiladas(see picture below) and tamales (pork tamales pictures above).

She also offers wonderful desert items like her newest item Sopapillas pictured below! If you have never had one, you really do not know what your are missing! "These little deep fried doughy morsels will have your mouth watering. They can be covered in powdered sugar, cinnamon and sugar or honey."

We asked Angelica some questions, and here are her replies!

If you have 24 hrs to yourself what's on the agenda?

I would check into the Camelback Inn here in town, get a massage, then venture out to the pool to soak up some rays where litte umbrella drinks are delivered to me, oh and then snuggle up in that BIG fluffy hotel bed with some room service and watch a movie!!

If you could move anywhere where would it be and why? Whats your favorite thing to make? How did you learn how to make it?

If I could move any where it would be some where tropical, with white sandy beaches, and gentel rolling waves. I love the ocean, it brings me peace!! My favorite thing to make would be my enchilada's, the receipie was from my grandma. When I make them I feel closer to her now that she is gone. It also reminds me of helping my mom in the kitchen, it was one of my dad's fave meals!! So we had them at least once a week, and that is how I learned how to make them.

Angelica is an amazing person and an amazing cook! Check out her Etsy Shop today!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Recipe Series Part 4 - Meat Sauce!

This week's recipe is brought to us by Sweet Treats by Maryann!

This is going to be hard because I don't really use recipes, just by sight and smell and texture and of course taste, but here goes; this one came about one night when I was trying to use up some left overs before they went bad. I used fresh peppers from our garden and fresh basil too. My whole family loved it so I thought it passed the test....

Everything But the Kitchen Sink Meat Sauce
(use over your favorite pasta or also great for stuffing peppers)

1/2 lb extra lean ground beef
1/2 lb lean ground pork
26 oz jar of your favorite tomato sauce
14 oz can of Italian Style diced tomatoes(juice included)
2 TB Italian seasoning
1 TB garlic powder
1 TB olive oil
1 small onion, diced
1 large green pepper,diced
1 small red pepper,diced
1 small zucchini, diced
1 small package of sliced mushrooms
3-4 fresh basil leaves, julianned
salt and pepper to taste

Start by adding olive oil to skillet on medium high heat, add onion,peppers,zucchini and mushrooms. Salt and pepper to taste. Saute until onions turn clear.

Meanwhile in another skillet brown your meats, season with Italian seasoning and garlic, drain well and set aside.

Add can of diced tomatoes to veggie mixture, simmer for ten minutes and then add in the jar of tomato sauce, cover and simmer for another ten minutes. Combine veggies and meat mixture, mix together well and top your favorite pasta. Enjoy!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Friday Food Fest!

It's the 1st Friday of the month, which means...FRIDAY FOOD FEST!

We will have a chat room on open! Come check out the great sales and giveaways!

Search "team eeat" on etsy to see all of our yummy goodies!

Team members are having sales in their shops, here are just a few:

Delectable Delights
15% off before shipping!

Double Dipped Sweets
6 FREE dipped Oreos with every purchase! Now taking pre-orders for the Holidays!

15% off before shipping!


Half Off shipping with purchases of $30 or more!

Crafty Gourmet Love
BOGO- buy one dozen get another dozen of the same for half off, use code FFF BOGO in notes for special to apply.


BOGO FREE! Buy one item, get another item for free! Contact seller before purchasing

Stay tuned for more sales!
Search for "Team eeat" in etsy to see incredible edibles!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Featuring Delectable Delights!

This week we are featuring Ryll from Delectable Delights!

What is your favorite item in your Etsy Shop?
My favorite...couldn't live without item in my shop is.......................hmmmmmm.........white chocolate raspberry cheesecake. People fight over that cake when I make it.

What are your long term goals? What inspires you most?
My long term goals are to continue to build my business and be in a location within two years and finish school. God and my kids inspire me.

How long have you been bakin....and your favorite thing to make?
I have been baking since I could walk and talk. My mother always let me sit in the kitchen with her and help and when I got old enough she let me go in and try whatever I wanted. She's always been my number one fan =). I love making cinnamon rolls. I make cake all the time so when I do make a cinnamon roll there something extra tasty about them lol.

Check out DD's shop for more great treats!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hot Drinks for the Cold Days to Come

These last few weeks it has been quite cold in the mornings where I live. Although I normally start my day with a nice cup of tea, I felt the need for something warmer and more filling so I have been drinking coffee and cocoa mixes that I have created. I actually had to unlist one of my Mocha Latte drink mixes because it was so yummy I couldn't stop drinking it! There is just something so delightful about hot cocoa when you are cold. Not to mention the smile on your face from drinking such delicious goodness.

Imagine if you will, a warm, plush pair of slippers and a nice cup of Mocha Latte. Are you smiling yet? I know I am! I created my own crocheted slipper pattern to make an awsome slipper, then coupled the slippers with some mini mixes of cocoa or mocha to give you the perfect gift to get or give. I also offer the slippers by themselves. There are so many ways to give the perfect gift this comming season....You could add some cookies or some other delicious treats from the creative minds of the Edible Arts Team members to make the best gift ever. I know I would be delighted if someone gave me this as a gift! Or tea...I would like slippers and tea as a gift too! And cookies...please dont forget the cookies! A good cookie and a cup of tea or cocoa with warm slippers on my feet...I am really smiling now :) So stop by and see what I can offer you, and dont forget to check out all the wonderful sellers of delightful, delicious treats from the Edible Arts Team...just search team eeat and see what you get!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Recipe Series Part 3 - Tomato Soup

Tomato Soup
by JustBakin'

1 stick of butter
2 medium onions chopped
2 cloves of garlic chopped
3 cups chicken stock
1 28 oz. can of whole peeled tomatoes
salt & pepper

Melt butter in heavy soup pot. Add onions and garlic and cook until soft. Add stock and whole can of tomatoes and their juices. Bring to a boil and let simmer as long as you can. Add salt & pepper to taste.
In batches puree the life out of it in a blender. (Remember to take the tiny cup out of the blender lid and cover with a towel and your hand-so the heat doesn't make it explode!)
You can add some cream if you'd like but it is not necessary.
Serve with cheese, croutons, sour cream, chives.....whatever you like!

This soup is about $5 to make and yeilds quite a bit...enough for a family of 4 for sure!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

October Challenge

We started doing monthly challenges as a team, to get our imaginations going, and create new projects! Here are some entries from last month. The theme was "Election"!

From Crafty Gourmet Love

From JustBakin'

And from Double Dipped Sweets