Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hot Drinks for the Cold Days to Come

These last few weeks it has been quite cold in the mornings where I live. Although I normally start my day with a nice cup of tea, I felt the need for something warmer and more filling so I have been drinking coffee and cocoa mixes that I have created. I actually had to unlist one of my Mocha Latte drink mixes because it was so yummy I couldn't stop drinking it! There is just something so delightful about hot cocoa when you are cold. Not to mention the smile on your face from drinking such delicious goodness.

Imagine if you will, a warm, plush pair of slippers and a nice cup of Mocha Latte. Are you smiling yet? I know I am! I created my own crocheted slipper pattern to make an awsome slipper, then coupled the slippers with some mini mixes of cocoa or mocha to give you the perfect gift to get or give. I also offer the slippers by themselves. There are so many ways to give the perfect gift this comming season....You could add some cookies or some other delicious treats from the creative minds of the Edible Arts Team members to make the best gift ever. I know I would be delighted if someone gave me this as a gift! Or tea...I would like slippers and tea as a gift too! And cookies...please dont forget the cookies! A good cookie and a cup of tea or cocoa with warm slippers on my feet...I am really smiling now :) So stop by www.TranquiliTea.etsy.com and see what I can offer you, and dont forget to check out all the wonderful sellers of delightful, delicious treats from the Edible Arts Team...just search team eeat and see what you get!!

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Double Dipped Sweets said...

oooo...it makes me warm just thinking about it!