Friday, September 26, 2008

DelectableDelights : Yummmy Member of Team Eeat

Good Morning all!!!

I have started to partake in all of the yummy treats from my team members in Team Eeat!! My first order was with Delectable Delights or DD as I like to call her in chat!! I ordered the:

Chocolate Covered Cherry Sundae Cupcake (TM)

Boston Cream Sundae Cupcake (TM

Let me say, if you have not ordered from DD, you are missing out on the moistest cup cakes you have ever had!!! They were more than yummy!! When they arrived, I had to fight my son off as he was hovering, waiting for me to open the package. Once he found out that they were cup cakes and that they had chocolate on them..............well I couldn't get rid of him!!! I was forced to share........which I was not happy about.......I knew I should of locked myself in the bathroom!!!

My favorite was the Cherry one, it had big chunks of maraschino cherries in it, and the rich chocolate topping was to die for!! So I say to you all ORDER FROM DD, she has some GREAT stuff.....I know I will be getting more..........hmmmm now I just have to figure out how to hide them.........

My next order.....that I am not very patiently waiting for is from Double Dipped Sweets...........I purchased some of her delicious looking salted Carmel apples!! I can't wait for them to get here..........hopefully they will arrive before the kids get home from school!!

My last suggestion is come and check out Team Eeat on October 1st, 8pm Est as we are having a Virtual Bake Sale in the Etsy labs!!!!

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