Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Asian Wontons


This is a blog about my Asian wontons that I had posted inside my team site, but I wanted to share it with all of you wonderful foodies on the net! Hope you enjoy it.....I Know I enjoyed the Wontons!!

Yesterday was another yummy day in the kitchen for me! I made my "famous" Asian Wontons.....ok well they are famous with my family and friends!! I am starting to make everything on my full menu and taking pictures of it!! Needless to say my family will be VERY happy!!

Wontons are a tedious process, the filling is simple just mixing up the ingridients, but stuffing each one is time consuming!! Even more tedious is keeping everyone away so that I can finish them!!!

So I am at the kitchen table, stuffing stuffing, and what do you know Jared comes home from work............he starts hovering.............."what r u doing", he asks............like he doesn't see the wonton wrappers and the filling, and each little packet that I have stuff..............I reply "nothing"......he gives me the look and then walks away. So I continue to stuff and finish them all. I go and turn on the deep fryer (I bought a nifty one, has a basket like the commercial ones and is VERY easy to clean) and move the wontons from the kitchen to the counter by the fryer. In walks in my oldest son Justin, "what are you doing mom" he asks, I relpy "nothing". "Are those Wontons" he asks as his mouth begins to salivate and he gets that evil glimmer in his eye. I say "no", he replies "Can I have one?" I reply "they aren't even cooked yet, you are going to have to wait". He then gives me that impatient pre-teen stare "can I have one when they are done?" I reply "Not until I take pictures of them and I have to wait for them to cool some after they are fried so that I can arrange them". "But we are going swimming....." which is code for why the hell can't I have one now, I really want to go swiming but I want to eat some of those first. I reply, "you are going to have to wait until I am done." He gives me the look that his dad gave me and walks away. I arrange the Wontons and start to take photos. In walks Jared, and he starts to hover again....."no you can't have one right now" I say. Once again I get the look, so finally they all go next door to grandma's to swim.

Let's just say that mom isn't dumb, I eat the amount of wontons that I want because I know that they are going to be ravaged when they get back from swiming and if I wait I will only get the measly little crumbs! So I pick up one of those golden little packs and sink my teeth in, first comes the slight crunch from the fried wonton wrap, then comes the explosion of flavor from the juicy sausage, then you are hit with the spicyness from the serranos and red pepper flake and that little bit of salt from they soy sauce and the freshness and zing from the ginger.......and I am in heaven.....we won't go into how many I actually ate.....hey I am the cook, it's called quality control!!!

So a little time goes by and the hoard comes back from swimming, Justin goes straight to the counter and looks directly into my eyes with the evil gilimmer of one who can not wait one second longer............"can I have one now?' he asks with a very expectant look. I nod my head and he proceeds to cram a whole wonton in his mouth....now mind you this little packets of yumminess stay pretty hot in the inside! It doesn't even phase him. Then walks in Jared and my other son Tristen (he is 5 and only likes the outstide of the wontons). Jared goes straight to the counter next to Justin and starts to eat the wontons, Justin then proceeds to start grabbing as many as he can. So I yell "you need to leave some for your dad"...... he gives me the look again as if to say are you freaking kidding me, you made me wait all this time and I can't have as many as I want........now mind you he can't relpy to me because his mouth is full!! As soon as he swallows he says "but I only had one." I finally have the chance and I give him the look, and say"you have had more than one." Now if you have noticed no one has had the thought hmmm, maybe mom might want some, I mean hey she is the one that spent over an hour stuffing each and everyone........

Finally Justin goes to grab another and Jared says "no you need to save some for your mom." Well Tristen has been off in lala land and finally figuers out hey people are eating stuff and I haven't gotten any so he runs to the counter and tells his dad that he wants one. Now dad gives him the look, but hands over one and says "the rest are for your mom." So I look over at the plate, there are a whole 2 left (hmmm lets see I spent the hour stuffing and I am only entitled to two apparently). I say "oh, well I only want one." So I proceed to grab it and then Tristen throughs a hissy fit. He has only eatin the outside of his and wants another one. I tell him that he needs to eat the whole thing and he says "mamma don't eat that other one, I am tellling you", so Jared gives him the outside of one of the two that are left. I then pick up the final remaining wonton and Tristen says "don't eat it, it's mine." I said "you still haven eaten the one that your dad just gave you", and I pop it into my mouth....well world war three broke out then!!

Yeah I know you guys think I should of given it to him, after all I had some and no one even knew about it......like I said quality control.......random testing!!

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