Saturday, January 31, 2009

Giveaway Winners!

Our giveaway is over! We had an amazing number of contestants and we want to thank you for all the promoting and commenting!

The Grand Prize winners are:

Carrie who commented on the blog!
Maillemystique from Etsy!

The $20 item winners are:

Elizabethwlsn from Etsy!
Ariellolov3 from Etsy!

If these winners do not contact us, we will pick a new winner!

Thanks for playing!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bare it all with LegendSpiceCompany!

This week, we would like to feature Elaine from LegendSpiceCompany! I have personally tried her spice blends, and they are fantastic! She also includes a "legend" on each spice that is so fun to read! Here are a few of my favorites:

I also love her Belly Cheaters BBQ spice.

We asked Elaine some questions about herself and her business. Here is what she had to say!

So how did you get started in the spice biz? What are your favorite spice combo's?

I was first pulled into blending spices when a friend’s Dad opened a meat market and offered me to opportunity to put up a display of my handmade goods in his shop. I brainstormed ideas for unique packaging and labeling and the “legend” idea was born.
My favorite Spice Blend that is currently offered in my shop? Hmm .. that’s hard to say since I love them all! My kids would definitely pick THE CAVEMAN. My husband and I like the FAT MERMAID as we are big fish/seafood fans.

On a personal note tell us a little about u and your family!

I’ve been married for 15 years and have 3 kids ages 13, 10 and 7. I became a Stay at home mom 10 years ago, although I rarely just “stay home”. I began selling online about 2 years ago and have great hopes of building Legend Spice Company to eventually become a family business in which we will all have a role in the running of the company.

What is your personal favorite spice to use in your own cooking?

I love Paprika! I used to think Paprika was only something you bought to sprinkle on top of Deviled Eggs at Easter dinner – my mom used to tell me that Paprika had no flavor and that it was just for “decoration”. Sorry Mom, but you were SO wrong. There are so many different varieties of Paprika – someday I hope to say that I’ve tried them all.

What does your family beg you to cook?

Dinnertime is often an adventure in our house – especially when I’m trying a new recipe. The kids love my CAVEMAN Chicken and to get them to eat a well balanced dinner we’ve even made up funny names for other items on their plates such as Prehistoric Potatoes, Brontosaurus Broccoli, etc.
My husband’s favorite is fried chicken…so when I make “Ol’ Harold Fried Chicken” he is a happy camper.
My most recent concoction is “Sweet Georgia’s Blue Plate Special”. This includes nearly everything you’ll need to make a tasty meatloaf. I made this the other night using a mix of ground turkey and ground beef and was so happy when everyone asked for a second helping.

Check out LegendSpiceCompanies blog for more great items!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Valentine's Day Bake Sale!

Team EEAT presents our Virtual Valentine's Bake Sale! Held on January, 28th, 2009 in Esty's Virtual Labs at 8pm EST!

Come see our team members present their beautiful work. There will be great contests, sales, and amazing giveaways! Start shopping early by searching for "team eeat"!

Why should I come?

Trivia Questions! Answer a Valentines day trivia question, and win a $5 gift credit in a Team members shop!

Giveaway! We will be giving away a grand prize worth over $100! Plus, 2 prizes worth $20 each! Prizes will be delivered just in time for Valentines Day!
Blog post coming soon on ways to enter!

Get your Valentines Day shopping done early!

Sales offered:

FREE Chocolate Cookies with every order.

FREE bag of treats of Lucky's choice with any sized order!

Buy one get one 50% off!
Equal or lesser value applies; full shipping charges incurred.

FREE Chocolate Covered Grahams (3) with a purchase of any size

Order from now until February 6 and receive 10% off your entire purchase. Order 3 or more items sent to the same address and receive an additional 5% off.

BOGO half off of equal or lesser value
FREE shipping with orders of $100 or more!

For the Love of Chocolate
25% off all chocolate covered items
10% off everything else

3 FREE Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles with Each Order*
*Order is refers to a completed Credit Card Transaction

20% off your purchase, before shipping!
FREE priority shipping for orders over $15

2 FREE Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes with any purchase

25% off all items, before shipping!

Sweet Lollipop Shop

3 free mystery crystal barley hard candy lollipops with any lollipop order.

Trees Treats

Free Mint Chocolate Chunk Cookies (6) with any purchase

10% discount, plus a free gift!

Stay tuned for more great sales!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Bake Sale Giveaway!


Remember our Bake Sale? It's on January 28th at 8pm EST. Come meet us in Etsy's virtual labs for fun and games!

Now, announcing our GIVEAWAY!
2 grand prizes, worth over $100 will be given away!
2 runner ups will receive a prize worth $20!
Prizes will arrive to you just in time for Valentines day!

Prizes include the following wonderful items from Team EEAT's shops! More to come!

How to enter:
1. Leave a comment on our blog = 1 entry
2. Post on your blog about the Bake Sale and link to our blog = 2 entries
3. Purchase from any participating EEAT shop from Jan. 19 to the 31st = 2 entries per item purchased! (Plus the benefit of giving your tastebuds a party!)

We are also proud to be a part of the Bloggy Giveaway Carnival!

The winners will be picked on January 30th!

Let's get it started! Good luck!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Friday Food Fest is here!

It's time once again for Friday Food Fest! Come chat with us at 8pm EST here. Games, prizes, and lots of yummy food to get you drooling!

We are offering "Secrets" again this week! Find the word SECRET hidden in an item description, and get the special deal that the shop owner is offering!

Team members are offering the following sales:

Get a free bag of Maggies Peanut Brindle AND a free bag of Sadie's Pumpkin Patch treats with any size order!


Buy one get one 50% off!
Equal or lesser rules apply; regular shipping fees occur.
2 "secrets"- free, just pay shipping! FOUND


25% off orders received during FFF, regular shipping charges apply
2 "secrets" for FREE items, just pay shipping - FOUND

$3 off Any order of $10 or more(excluding shipping)
2 Secrets: Free Butterscotch Cookie Sample Pack*, just pay shipping
(*Sample pack contains three cookies)

$5 gift certificate - secret; can be used towards shipping costs
20% off any order
3 free (FFF) peanut butter cookies - human-sized, animal-shaped ... for dogs with any order placed friday night.

20% off before shipping
2 secrets for $5 certificates - FOUND

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Featuring YesYouCan!

Today we would like to feature Christopher, from YesYouCan! YesYouCan specializes in wonderful treats that are vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, and macrobiotic!

Where do you get your recipes?

My muffin recipes I'd say are mostly mine but like most things I do it has it's roots in a number of inspirations. I've been baking/cooking for a long time but only in the past year have my recipes become narrowed down to vegan/gluten free and many are macro as well. I've had to research and read a ton to become familiar and therefore I can not say that these recipes are only mine.

You said that you are on the road most of the year for your work in the Theatre. How do you find time to bake?

My work schedule is based in freelance work. I do all my own scheduling and all of my contracts include a residence with a kitchen. My wife and I also travel with our kitchen equipment as we are "mostly" vegan and so there aren't many options out there for us unless we cook for ourselves. We also don't have children yet so our time outside of teaching,directing or performing is our own time to do with as we see fit. My wife has an etsy shop as well where she makes recycled/reclaimed knit-ware ( ) .
As for Theatre, I've been working it my whole life. I'm what you call a Physical Theatre Artist. That's what my company's focus is in... I'm a trained physical comedian and Mask performer as well as holding certification's in Stage Combat. I teach, direct and perform... Clowning, Mask, Melodrama, Stage Combat and Shakespeare. Most recently I finished directing a clown show in Montreal during the month of November and my wife and I head to London to teach a conference in character developement for a group called ISTA
( International Schools Theatre Association ).

Did you stumble into baking or was it something that you were exposed to as a child?

My Mom was a big baker. She is from Scotland and made some amazing treats that recently I've been trying to make vegan. It's not been easy as those recipes are mostly butter and sugar and the consistencies are hard to match up.

Thanks for talking with us Christopher! Go visit his shop, and explore his goodies for yourself! Can you eat this? YesYouCan!

Monday, January 5, 2009

January Team EEAT Challenge!

Every month Team EEAT holds a themed challenge for it's members. We create an edible delight based on the current month's theme. Those challenge items are often added to our shops so that you too can enjoy from our fun challenges. Stay tuned each month to see what delicious challenge we come up with next!

January's Challenge: Your Favorite Winter Flavor

Sweet Treats by Maryann brings us Cherry Chip Truffles

Inspiration: Maryann was inspired by her mother who loved chocolate covered cherries.

Click here to get yours today!

A Thyme To Bee Comforted brings us Tamales

Inspiration: Angelica was inspired by the traditional tamales of her grandmother.

Click here to get yours today!

Double Dipped Sweets brings us Holiday Chocolate Bark

Inspiration: Krista was inspired by all the wonderful Christmas flavors.

Click here to get yours today!

Just Bakin' brings us Dark Sin Mint Brownies
Inspiration: Bonnie was inspired by all things chocolate and mint!

Click here to get yours today!

Divine Canine brings us Carob Dipped Peanut Butter Paws
Inspiration: Jessica was inspired by her dog's favorite flavors.

Click here to get yours today!

Little Snowflakes
brings us Holiday Peppermints
Inspiration: Denise was inspired by great holiday flavors.

Visit her shop today!

Ciao, Hound
brings us Pumpkin Spice Mini-Muffins
Inspiration: Shari was inspired by her dog Velvet who loves these just as much as her family does.

Click here to get yours today!

Del Alma Bakery brings us Hot Coco Bite Cookies
Inspiration: I was inspired by hot chocolate, my favorite thing to have in the winter.

Click here to get yours today!

Check in with us next month to see what yummy challenge we come up with!