Monday, September 22, 2008

Edible Arts...The "En Vogue" Fashion Statement!

Cakes By SugarPlums

I wanted to take a moment to say "Thank You" to all of you who have visited any of our Edible Artists on Etsy and introduce myself and my little bakery!

My journey began about 33 years ago actually...with the birth of my first son. WHAT???!!! Yes....from almost birth....his "sweet tooth" was evident and thus the goal of "conquering" the creative dessert cooking was begun!

Consequently....that "journey" became my "passion" in life! Originally from the west coast, (San Diego...Go Aztecs!) I landed in the Cincinnati Ohio area about 10 years ago and realized how much people in the MidWest center their lives around food and fun! The simple things in life.

Today I am constantly amazed at the demand and desire for not only "good" edibles...BUT..."creative" ones! When any of us pick up a current issue of Gourmet Magazine...or even turn on the television...we find the "Food Fashion" industry displaying the "En Vogue" way to entertain....
With "Attractive and Tantalizing" entrees and desserts!!

Since many of us still yearn for the years gone by...our childhood memories of mom or grandma in the kitchen baking our favorite pies, cakes and cookies....and...since today's life style is so intense...I made the decision to follow my passion and study the culinary art world of "Creative Desserts".
About 5 years ago I began making some of these desserts for my family's enjoyment and my "ever appreciative" neighbors and friends were constantly asking if I could do the same for them. After much encouragement....I took the "Leap of Faith" into the "Sweet Life" and 2 years ago became licensed as a Cottage Bakery in the basement of my home. When searching for the right name, one of my daughter in laws suggested I look up "SugarPlums" to which I complied immediately. To my amazement...they weren't just the "treats from the holiday fairy" (LOL)..they became popular in England in the 1600-1700's and were actually a fruit covered with a sweet bread or candy and given as gifts to new neighbors and royalty (depending on which book you are reading).
Anyway....the name....CAKES By SugarPlums was it!

I started my e-commerce business @ have had the pleasure of receiving orders from all over the world. At Cakes we have 12 delicious varieties of pound cakes...baking each fresh to order...then sealing and custom packaging in our Signature Gold and Purple gift box to be shipped anywhere in the U.S. I am so excited to be able to offer those "busy moms and corporate personnel" a gourmet "handmade" gift option for special occassions and holidays!

About a year ago...I found through a friend's recommendation and have made wonderful friends and enjoy chatting and networking with other Edible Artists there too! There are many talented people in this world....just take a look inside the Etsy World and see!

The onset of the "CupCake Rage" has moved my small little cottage business to a new brick and mortar location here in the Cincinnati area and in just a few short weeks myself, along with 2 of my daughters will be opening SugarPlums Cupcakery & CoffeeHouse. There you can experience some of "life's simple pleasures" in a gourmet way. Over 50 cupcake varieties...some filled with lucious creamy or fruity fillings...topped with rich and fluffy Buttercreams, Ganache, and more! OH....and don't forget the "Hook Shots"....just a little "Shot" of icing in the flavor of your choosing and the "Shot" hooks right onto your cupcake parfait! (What we won't think of next!) A good cup of coffee or cappuccino...a sweet treat....a fruit drink....a cookie that "crumbles" of course! ....or a "Spot of English Tea"....
SUGARPLUMS ....Visit us soon!

I look forward to hearing about your "Sweet" experiences in the "World of Food Fashion" and would love to hear your likes, even dislikes....and visions of SugarPlums!!!
Thanks for sharing the "Sweet Life" it should be everyone's way of life!

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