Thursday, October 22, 2009

Team Eeat Silent Auction!!

Team EEAT will be hosting a Silent Auction in November to help to raise funds for its members continued culinary education. Running a business that deals with food is a costly endeavor, especially when trying to keep up with culinary education!

We as a Team has designated November funding raising month, a portion of our sales will go to the Team Eeat Scholarship program. This program is designed to help those struggling with all of the fees of their culinary educations!

What YOU can do to help!

1. Team Eeat is in need of items for the silent auction. We currently have 4 shops participating and would like to get a couple more!

What you get out of donating an item for the auction, we will highlight you on our blog that currently has over 160 followers. You will get a full 24 hours of promo time on the blog via a shop interview!

2. Come participate in the silent auction!! There will be lots of cool things up for auction!!

The auction will take place in the middle of November and it will all be done on our blog! All proceeds will go to the Team Eeat Scholarship fund. So if you would like to donate and item and be featured on our blog please contact us via email at

Many thanks to all of you food lovers and your continued support of Team EEat!


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