Wednesday, October 28, 2009

An Awesome Donation for your furry family members from Pets Jubilee Team!

Well its that time again, for another feature from a awesome Estian!  Pets Jubilee has donated a Mini Sampler Box to our Silent Auction.  Lol even your furry friends will have something to choose from at the Auction!!  We are still accepting donations, so if you want to be featured on our blog just click the Donation button for further details!  Lets sit back with our cup of Joe and find out a little bit more about Pets Jubilee!!

Tell us a little about yourself!

I manage the Pets Jubilee Team on Etsy. We began selling our pet sampler boxes a year ago this month, which is very exciting. The boxes are filled with items from participating team member's shops so the customer can see the quality of the products before committing to a full size order. We're a very close knit team and support each other both on and off Etsy.

2) What inspires you in this venture?

All of the items in the box are donated by the individual artisans who make them. In return, I promote the members and their shops and organize activities (with the help of the team) to bring attention to all of us, both individually and as a whole. The money we raise goes towards promotional and supply costs and the remainder is donated to the SPCA. We are a very charitable group. Several of the individual shops contribute a portion of their proceeds to different charities, both human and animal. We hold monthly challenges where the contestants donate what they make to a chosen charity.

3) What do you love most about your roll in Pets Jubilee?

I love the people I meet! There is something warm and wonderful about a person who loves their pet. We have a monthly chat the first Saturday of every month and its just amazing! Complete strangers come together and start talking about their pets, sharing flickr photos, telling stories, and we can talk and laugh like we've known each other forever. The people who enter our pet photo contests, who buy our boxes, who attend our events are all immediately like life-long friends. We have non-team members who have been posting in our forums for over 6 months, following along with team events and our individual day to day lives. Its just wonderful.

4) Any tips for Etsy newbies or those who are starting their online business?
  • Get out there! 
  • You can't post a few items to your shop and then sit back and think the sales are just going to come pouring in. You need to purchase from fellow Etsians and get some feedback. No one likes to buy from someone who doesn't support the community. 
  • Join teams, hang out in Etsy chat and the forums. Make a blog, a Facebook account and a Twitter account. I don't understand the whole SEO Google thing, but I do know that the more links you have to your shop, the more likely Google and other search engines will find you. Link to other shops and they'll link to you. Have a link to your shop in all of your emails and have business cards with you at all times. 
  • Participate in blog giveaways (but don't give away your product to the blogger for them to review). 
  • Use all 14 tags. 
  • Make the title of your product searchable. If someone wants a handmade purse, and your title is something cutesy that doesn't even contain the word "purse", then chances are you'll be pretty low on the search results. 
  • Take great pictures even if you have to get a "Photography for Dummies" book.  
  • Presentation is so very important. When a person opens a package from you it should be like they're receiving a present, even though they purchased it themselves. Think "Wow"!  
  • Include business cards and a bonus item. 
  • Check out the shops of successful Etsians and see what they do. 
  • Keep your shop fresh and updated daily. 
  • Most importantly, tell everyone you meet about your shop. Word of mouth is the best publicity and its FREE :)  

All of us at Team Eeat would like to thank Pets Jubilee for their donation!!  So if your little furry family members need some treats visit Pet Jubilee and they will love you forever!!

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Vanessa said...

That looks awesome! What a wonderful cause to support. Looks like there is a lot of goodies in that box.