Thursday, October 29, 2009

Another Awesome Donation from Bears Banners and Graphics!!

    V as I like to call Vanessa is donating a $20.00 Gift Card to be used in her shop!  Just so all of you are aware V does all of the graphic design for Team Eeat!  She is the one that put the blog design together, alsong with the buttons etc that you see!  So as I am sure you can tell she does some AWESOME work!  On a personal note V also just re-designed all of my labels for my shop, she had over 30 labels to do and she did them in a flash!!  So lets get to know a little bit more about V!!

                  Tell us a little about yourself!
                  My name is Vanessa and I own and operate Bears Banners & Graphics on Etsy I am married to my wonderful husband Emil and we have a sweet lil dog named Flora. Emil takes care of the website design portion of our business and I do the graphic design.
                  What inspires you when you are creating designs?
                  I gain inspiration from a variety of places. My office faces my backyard with the window just beyond my computers monitor. I get to observe nature (birds, stray cats, squirrels, lizards and more). So I would say the creation around me. Flowers, animals, trees etc.
                  What is your favorite product that you have made so far and why?
                  I love our printing packages. They are all eco-friendly using recycled paper and soy inks. Printed professionally on a digital printing press. These cards will really get your business noticed.
                  Any tips for Etsy newbies or those who are starting their online business?
                  Tips for newbies:     
                • Provide excellent and creative descriptions for your products.
                • Treat each customer with great care and always do more than what is required. 
                • Take your product images in natural indirect light. On a windowsill or back porch and try to use the same background for each image to provide uniformity. This will make your image stand out instead of the background.

                If you need a new graphic designer or some printing done go to Bears Banners and Graphics, you won't be dissapointed!  V is easy to work with and she is great at communication!  V Thanks soo much for donating to the Team cause!!  We LOVE U!!

                Team Eeat

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                Vanessa said...

                Aww!! This made my day! Thanks so much A!! :) I love you all too! YAY Team EEAT!

                LittleSnowflakes said...

                Oh Goodie! I know what I will be bidding on! :-)

                A Thyme To Bee Comforted said...

                LOL not if I out bid u Little