Friday, October 30, 2009

Our Next Awesome Donation is from AS2Designs

Our next donation is a 8 x 10 Floral Print and a set of 2 gift tag cards from AS2 Designs!  If you love nature you are going to adore AS2 Designs Donations!  Her shop is filled with tons of beautiful photos of flowers!!  Browsing her shop is like running through a field of flowers on a warm spring day!!  So lets sit back and get to know a little more about what inspires AS2 Designs!!

Tell us a little about yourself!

Hi, I’m an Alaskan Artist. You can find my work at  I work in photography, mix media and paper crafts. During summer months I’m running around my little town on my bike or walking. You can spot me always carrying my camera so that when I spot a pretty collection of flowers I can snap away.

Since I have a complete brown thumb for growing anything; my photography focus is floral. It brings a calming effect into my creative side.

During the winter months my activities turn to activities such as cross country skiing, walking and selling my creations at various craft shows and holiday bazaars.

What inspires you when you are making your products?

When doing my photography it’s stepping into the buyers eyes and seeing art through their eyes. Otherwise I could become very wild in my creations as my guy says. I tone my work way down so that its more natural and something one would find in home who loves flowers. I took photography college courses over the years and just totally enjoy the freedom it offers me. I’ve loved photography since I was a kid with my first ‘brownie box camera’. If I could get a photo assignment with National Geographic a lifelong dream would be fulfilled!

My greatest thrill is working in my photoshop elements7 computer program and taking my photos into the wild zone that the creative side of me craves!

When I create my mix media/papers crafts I just go with things that I would like to own. The major theme of my mix media creations are Victorian, Cottage Style, and Steampunk. It’s the girly girl side of me. Otherwise I would be out in the community doing construction work. Yep I have my own construction and power tools. It’s a job that fills a notch of my orderly mind. I am available for hire ~ have references for several home remodeling jobs I handled from start to finish for customers.

What is your favorite product that you have made so far and why?

Has to be the photo that I have donated for the Team EEAT. I just love the simple look to the bud with a waterdrop coming off the petal. As a watercolor photo it just appeals to me. Several folks have also told me that they love this photo – it’s a favorite! Hence the reason for it being an item that I hope raises funds for the Etsy Edible Arts Team.

 Any tips for Etsy newbies or those who are starting their online business?

Do what you love. Otherwise it becomes a chore. Selling online is very hard and demanding. Join teams, different selling venues, and remember to Promote ~ Promote ~ Promote yourself, your products, and your shops! One final word of advise "always believe in yourself" ~ Don't let others tell you "you can't do that".

All of us from Team Eeat would like to thank AS2 Designs for her donation!!!  We thank you from the bottom of our stock pots!!  If you like what you have seen in the post inregards to AS2 Designs work, then you will absolutely adore her shop!!  So go on go take a peek!!

Many Thanks!
Team Eeat!

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