Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Introducing Patty!

Patty is one of our original Team EEAT members! She has two amazing shops on Etsy.
Cakes by SugarPlums and
SugarPlums Cupcakery

We asked questions...she answered! Let's get to know a little bit more about Patty!

Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge Cheesecake Cake
HIGHLY recommended by me!

What's your baking story? How did you get into making such yummy treats?

My baking story STARTS with my father. He was the Head Chef on a Submarine during WWII and when he left the Navy..he opened a bakery in San Diego where we lived. (I was not there yet..LOL). When I was born...he was only baking at home...but he taught me everything I know...well mostly. He makes the finest pie crusts...cakes, cookies..(my mom baked was almost a competition). I am an only child (spoiled yes!) and every holiday we entertained at least 30 so I "got" to help bake! When I finished college and married...AND had 6 children...I had NO CHOICE but to bake my own goodies (they didn't like to help)...but it was my passion by then...and even though I worked as a paralegal full time also....I found it my "reprieve" from a hard day at the office.

I have been baking for others (weddings, birthdays, events, etc) from my home for about 15 years. About 4 years ago I had the opportunity to study alongside one of our towns best Culinary passion expanded. STILL LEARNING THOUGH!!!! girlfriend suggested I do "Etsy"....and thus, the story ends to date!

What do you consider to be your signature item or the first item that "got the ball rolling"?

The SugarPlums BerriLiciious Cake!!!! It is a cream cheese based pound cake that I worked with for a month or so to find the right combination. I got the idea to "fill it" and tried MANY different fillings finding that the combination of fruits made into a simple syrup and then adding fresh fruit to it really complimented the cake. I delivered a few "samples" to my daughter's workplace...and others...and soon everyone was asking if I could make one for them.

What is your fave kind of music and/or group :) ? If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? What is your favorite creation?

I actually LOVE LOVE LOVE the TransSiberian Orchestra...and listen whenever I can. Actually, at the risk of being tagged a "nerd" minor in college was Music. I played violin with the San Diego Symphony for a few years. (now you all know my deepest secret..LOL). I toured Europe many years ago with the orchestra and my fav place of all time was I think I would love to live there. My favorite creation..hmmmm....a Topsy Turvy wedding cake I did with a Las Vegas Theme...each layer was a different flavor...but the!

So RUN, don't walk over to Patty's shops! She is participating in our April National Food Month Sale!

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