Thursday, January 8, 2009

Featuring YesYouCan!

Today we would like to feature Christopher, from YesYouCan! YesYouCan specializes in wonderful treats that are vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, and macrobiotic!

Where do you get your recipes?

My muffin recipes I'd say are mostly mine but like most things I do it has it's roots in a number of inspirations. I've been baking/cooking for a long time but only in the past year have my recipes become narrowed down to vegan/gluten free and many are macro as well. I've had to research and read a ton to become familiar and therefore I can not say that these recipes are only mine.

You said that you are on the road most of the year for your work in the Theatre. How do you find time to bake?

My work schedule is based in freelance work. I do all my own scheduling and all of my contracts include a residence with a kitchen. My wife and I also travel with our kitchen equipment as we are "mostly" vegan and so there aren't many options out there for us unless we cook for ourselves. We also don't have children yet so our time outside of teaching,directing or performing is our own time to do with as we see fit. My wife has an etsy shop as well where she makes recycled/reclaimed knit-ware ( ) .
As for Theatre, I've been working it my whole life. I'm what you call a Physical Theatre Artist. That's what my company's focus is in... I'm a trained physical comedian and Mask performer as well as holding certification's in Stage Combat. I teach, direct and perform... Clowning, Mask, Melodrama, Stage Combat and Shakespeare. Most recently I finished directing a clown show in Montreal during the month of November and my wife and I head to London to teach a conference in character developement for a group called ISTA
( International Schools Theatre Association ).

Did you stumble into baking or was it something that you were exposed to as a child?

My Mom was a big baker. She is from Scotland and made some amazing treats that recently I've been trying to make vegan. It's not been easy as those recipes are mostly butter and sugar and the consistencies are hard to match up.

Thanks for talking with us Christopher! Go visit his shop, and explore his goodies for yourself! Can you eat this? YesYouCan!

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