Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Friday Food Fest is here!

It's time once again for Friday Food Fest! Come chat with us at 8pm EST here. Games, prizes, and lots of yummy food to get you drooling!

We are offering "Secrets" again this week! Find the word SECRET hidden in an item description, and get the special deal that the shop owner is offering!

Team members are offering the following sales:

Get a free bag of Maggies Peanut Brindle AND a free bag of Sadie's Pumpkin Patch treats with any size order!


Buy one get one 50% off!
Equal or lesser rules apply; regular shipping fees occur.
2 "secrets"- free, just pay shipping! FOUND


25% off orders received during FFF, regular shipping charges apply
2 "secrets" for FREE items, just pay shipping - FOUND

$3 off Any order of $10 or more(excluding shipping)
2 Secrets: Free Butterscotch Cookie Sample Pack*, just pay shipping
(*Sample pack contains three cookies)

$5 gift certificate - secret; can be used towards shipping costs
20% off any order
3 free (FFF) peanut butter cookies - human-sized, animal-shaped ... for dogs with any order placed friday night.

20% off before shipping
2 secrets for $5 certificates - FOUND


Mrs. Sugar Smitten said...

I may just be extremely blind, but I've been searching all of Etsy to find out how to become a member of Team Eeat, and I can't find it! I'd love to join in. Please let me know!!

Double Dipped Sweets said...

I sent you a convo SugarSmitten!