Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Our Next Awesome Donation is from TCaponePhoto's

Our next donation is from Tracey Capone Photography!!  Tracey is donating the winners  choice of two 8 x 10 photos that have an estimated value of $70!! I visited Tracey's shop and she has several LOVELY photos from landscapes to animals!  The photos are all bright and very pretty!  So get your bidding paddle ready!!  I am sure you will find some thing beautiful in Tracey's shop to add a splash of uniqueness to your home!  Lets get to know a little about the photographer!

Tell us a little about yourself!

I am a self-taught photographer, originally from Philadelphia, PA, now located in Nashville, TN by way of Chicago, IL where I lived for 10 years. (Favorite city of all time!) I'm single, with no kids (unless you count my two cats... ) and a million and one different interests. I sell fine art photography as well as do portraiture. Aside from my first love of photography, my second love is travel, which ties quite nicely to the photography as I usually end up with 400 to 500 beautiful photos to work with after each trip. In addition, I'm also a very accomplished home chef (and former caterer), an avid reader and love anything pertaining to music.

What inspires you when you are making your products?
I know, as an artist, I'm probably supposed to come up with an artist statement ripe with eloquent words, a poem if you will but, basically, I shoot what I love. If something catches my eye, I take a photo of it and, if it ultimately appeals to others, fantastic. I draw inspiration from my travels, music, books, you name it, all have shaped my view of the world and what I ultimately frame out for a photo.

What is your favorite product that you have made so far and why?

My favorite photo is called, "The Guardian." It's of a wooden chair sitting outside an abandoned warehouse in Venice, Italy. I love the photo for a number of reasons. First, I took my mother to Italy, somewhere she had always wanted to go. So it was a wonderful experience to see her eyes light up at every amazing site we came across. This photo brings me back to that week we spent travelling from Rome, through Florence and on up in to Venice. The second reason I love this one is because the minute I saw the chair sitting in front of the warehouse, a story popped to mind of the owner of the warehouse, a Venetian glass blower, taking a break to sit in the chair and watch the passersby, walking along the canals. It was such a vivid image and I was so pleased with how the final shot turned out.

Any tips for Etsy newbies or those who are starting their online business?

Don't get down on yourself. Setting up an Etsy shop, or any online business, doesn't guarantee that you are going to immediately be flooded with sales. It takes a lot of hard work, perseverance and patience. It will happen but wasting time with negativity will only serve to demotivate you. Someone once told me, "if you love what you do, it will never feel like a job." You got in to your craft, whatever it might be, for a reason, and, hopefully the primary reason was because you loved it; never let go of that. Oh and gerat customer service is key ;)

 All of use at Team Eeat would like to thank Tracey for her donation!!  So go on visit her shop and pick out what you would like to get if you win her prize in the auction!!

Many Thanks,
Team Eeat

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