Thursday, May 7, 2009

Featuring Lucky Dog Treat Company!

Today we are featuring Lucky Dog Treat Company!

Wonderful, handemade, PET TREATS!! That's right! I said PET treats!
We all take the time to pamper ourselves, but don't our pets deserve pampering too?

How did you get started making Pet Treats? Why not treats for humans?

I have always loved cooking and messing around in the kitchen. My grandmother had a huge part in that. Some of my favorite memories include helping her make rhubarb/apple cake and her soft molasses cookies. My passion for animals has been around for as long as I can remember. We always had a pet of some sort. We even had a skunk when I was little! *sans the stink bag. When the big hurrah came out in regards to the tainted pet foods, it really got me thinking. As my love for the whole foods/living lifestyle began to grow I thought, why are we treating our pets like second class citizens? They give us everything and ask for nothing in return. So I started researching pet diets needs and what they liked. Thus Lucky Dog was born!

Tell us about the market you sell at?

Currently I'm at three markets. But my favorite is the Glenside Farmers Market. It runs every Saturday May thru December. This market is my favorite because they support a "make it or grow it" philosophy. No junk or resellers here. There are several local farmers represented, some from Jersey and some from the Amish area. Jewelry makers, soy candles, baked goods, fresh honey and eggs to name a few. I have participated in this market for 7 years. One with this business, and 6 with my previous business which was handmade blankets. I love the vendors and the customers are fantastic. Die hard market fans, lol.They are loyal to the end, which really makes this market work for the community.

Where do you come up with your treat ideas?

My recipes come from a variety of sources, some from book, online, magazines. Then some I just have a "people" treat idea, and I tweak it. A lot of my ideas come from my customers at farmers markets. I had a ton of customers request blueberry, so that is where the blueberry one came from.

How many fur children do you have now and what type are they?

Fur kids, hehe. The count if up to four total. They are all rescues, I really don't think anything else is the way to go for me. Three cats, Dixie, aka Biggie Fats, Sadie, my sweet baby, and the kitten, Mimi, although she is now rivaling our oldest cat in the size category. Our newest addition is Maggie, well a year we have had her. She is part pitbull, part german shorthair, and is the fly in my salve most days..... A total nut case. She is the model you see in most of my etsy photos, and the ones that arent her are the dogs that the treat is named after.

How did you decide on your shop name?

I am unashamedly Irish, well a big part anyway, and in my mind the pets in resucues are lucky to get good homes! My business is largely Irish themed and I filed all of my legal paperwork on March 17, 2008 so that our anniversary would always be on St. Patty's Day!

What kind of music do you like?

My music tastes run all over the place. One day I may be cranking Metallica in the kitchen while I bake, going to sleep to Glenn Miller Orchestra, or you could see me driving down the road with the Grateful Dead or Jimmy Buffet blaring our the window. I love music and also play it. Learned piano when I was four and it rolled from there.

Can people eat your treats too?

What will happen if kids eat them? They will want more, lol If you look at the ingredient lists, there is not a single item in there that you couldn't eat, and probably do on a regular basis. Well, with the exception of maybe bone meal or liver powder. Ok, maybe the catnip. But other than that it's just regular cooking and baking ingredients, fruits and veggies!

Are you ready to spoil your "fur-child" yet? Head on over to
Lucky Dog Treat Company!

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