Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Featuring FortuneCookieCafe

Today, we would like to feature one of our newer team members, Shay from FortuneCookieCafe.

Where do you get your inspiration for your recipes?
My recipe inspiration comes from the seasons and childhood memories. I love taking Grandma's recipes and adding a new twist.

What is your all time favorite home cooked meal and desert?
My favorite home cooked meal is Herb Roasted Chicken with Basil Pesto Gnocchi and Italian Potato Salad.
Hmmm....desert. That's a tough one. I think it's my Mom's Carrot Cake.

What book are you in the middle of/most recently finished?
I just finished Dante's Inferno.

If you wrote your autobiography, what would you call it?
My autobiography would be call...hmmm...The Legacy of Beethead.

What has been the high point of the day? The low point?
The high point of my day is coming home to my husband.
The low point is doing laundry.

What song is going through your head right now?
The song going through my head right now is "Beat on the Brat" - Ramones.

what are some of your favorite hobbies/activities?
My hobbies/activities includes riding my motorcycle, crafting (anything), horror movies, and I enjoy going to the Metropolitan and Guggenheim Museum.

Shay's shop is amazing! Go shopping today!

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Tori C. (The Sweet Jelly Bean) said...

I love the rock candy as a stirrer for coffee!