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The Chicken...Organic, Natural....Free Range...huh.....??
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So today lets talk about chicken!! Yes, it is that blank canvas that is healthy and has the capacity to take on the flavor of any of the spices or marinades that you decide to throw at it. Now a days there are sooooooooooooo many labels being thrown at food that it is hard to keep them all straight, and exactly what do they really mean? Well we are going to find out together!!

Organic Chickens: Are fed a diet with no additives, not treated with antibiotics and raised under specific, humane conditions. Which are the requirements of the USDA.

Natural Chickens: Contain no artificial ingredients or added color. But unless the label reads "no antibiotics", there is no guarantee that there aren't any.

Free-Range Chickens: These are chickens that are allowed some room to roam outside the coop, but how much room isn't regulated. Not all free ranged chickens are raised on a natural diet.

Ok now we know what each means, but what does this really mean to you? It all comes down to what do you want to spend?!? Well I am a food snob and I don't buy my meat from the grocery store as the quality really does suck! What would I buy is the Natural Chicken from Aj's or Fresh and Easy. AJ's and Fresh and Easy are here in AZ I am not sure if they are all over the country or not. The quality of meat is very apparent. Once you see a high quality product and compare it to what is in your regular grocery store you well be AMAZED at the difference. I have seen the Natural chicken and the Organic. They are both high quality, but I would rather spend $7 bucks a pound than $11.50.

Ok, Ok, close your mouth now....I know $7 bucks a pounds is a lot too! Here is what I figure, food is like going to the doctor. You don't want to got to an eye surgeon that is offering a BOGO free special...hello they are your eyes!! Food is the same, it is fuel for your body and provides you with the protein, vitamins etc that you need to keep on living. So this is NOT the place to be cheap, especially when it comes to your meats, fish and veggies!

If it makes you feel better spend the cash on the good meats, fish and veggies and then buy off brand cereals, soda's etc! Ok so this is my opinion, you all have the right to disagree...the 1st amendment and all......but do me one favor take a trip to your local grocery store and then go to an Aj's or a Fresh and Easy. Look at the color, the texture of the meat. It is completely different! Why you ask, because what is in the grocery store is older! Umm not thanks I want something that hasn't sat at the place that they butchered them for 2 weeks and then shipped them out and then has sat at the grocery store for lord knows how long....ok ok...I am back on my soap box again!

Hopefully you have learned something useful!! Be safe, Be happy and go and LOOK at the difference in the meat........hehheheheh

Angelica Macias
A Thyme to Bee Comforted

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