Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cool off with Tea!

Now that the dog days of summer have arrived, I can only think of 2 things that make me happy in the hot days of summer...swimming with my kids and Iced Tea. Yep you heard me right, iced tea makes me happy!
The number one way to drink tea in the US is serving it iced. Cold bottled or fresh brewed or even sun tea, the US consumes more iced tea than any other country in the world. The rest of the world that drinks tea perfers it hot. Tea is also the single most consumed beverage in the world. Even water comes in second.
I am creating some great flavors to reflect the summer and the diferent places people come from or visit durring these hot, dry days. I also have a recipe to share for the perfect sun tea from either tea bags or loose leaf. With this recipe you can create your own perfect flavor.
Sun Tea Recipe
12 tea bags or 6 teaspoons of loose leaf tea
1 gallon of water (not cold or hot)
1 glass pitcher or sun tea jar
add all ingredients to pitcher. let brew in full sunlight for 4 hours or longer, depending how strong you like it. you may also like to add more or less tea. if using loose leaf tea, now is the time to strain off he leaves. Add ice and fresh fruit if you like. The fruit can be added at the beginning for a more infused flavor. serve with a fruit skewer or an umbrella just for fun!
For the more exotic flavors of tea just check out my shop, I will be adding new flavors as I create them. Enjoy your summer!

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ladyvanessa said...

oooohhh you reminded me of how much I love sun tea!! Thanks so much for the wonderful recipe :D I have never made it but always enjoyed everyone elses!

ZudaGay said...

Yummy and refreshing!! Checking out your shop. :)

julylamoon said...

I have been anxious to make sun tea since the days have been so sunny but I can't seem to find the right container. I keep buying the large glass jars of organic apple juice but someone keeps recycling them. I might have to resort to individual cups of sun tea. Fun fact about tea vs water! :)